At Peter’s Place, you will learn to live well with other residents in recovery. Residents participate in meals, recovery meetings, house meetings, and recreation together. Everyone supports everyone as we work to build trust and practice communication, which strengthens relationships.



Peter’s Place is an all-gender, LGBTQIA+ recovery house. We strive to honor each resident’s needs and boundaries during their time here. To ensure our house is as safe as possible, we ask residents to leave certain prescribed medications in a lock box with the house manager for daily administration. We will help you avoid triggering situations at night by implementing a curfew. You will have access to other safety measures such as Naloxone training, relapse prevention planning, housemate mediation, and medical care at a local clinic or hospital as needed. Peter’s Place RVA has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual and gender-based harassment, abuse, and violence. Our commitment is to believe survivors, first and always.



At Peter’s Place, we honor the many identities our residents will have, and we will welcome and include everyone in the house. We understand the importance of chosen names and pronouns. Everyone has the fundamental right to be called by the name and pronouns they wish to use, regardless of one’s legal name or gender marker. Peter’s Place seeks to raise up the voices of Black and Indigenous people in recovery. We will foster an intentionally anti-racist environment, dreaming of an anti-racist society. Racism, colorism, misogynoir, and white complacency are acts of violence which we denounce and must exclude from our community. We know that everyone deserves access to recovery and support. We will seek to make our services accessible to anyone who needs them and to provide accommodations for disabled residents and visitors. We understand that recovery support isn’t cookie-cutter, so we will work carefully with each resident to make sure all are supported in ways helpful to them. 



We understand that recovery cannot thrive without accountability. Each resident will find a recovery mentor or sponsor in the community, attend recovery meetings regularly, and check in with the house manager about their meeting attendance each week. There will be time at every house meeting to discuss your progress in recovery and any struggles you may be having so that the community can help support you. Whenever you need extra help, the house manager and executive director of Peter’s Place will be there to talk. We also foster accountability by helping residents set and achieve employment and education goals, conducting regular drug screenings, and assigning weekly chores.



Peter’s Place RVA is designed, first and foremost, to support people in early recovery or who need a bit more structure in their recovery. You will find recovery support through conversations with your house manager, Peter’s Place staff, and fellow residents. You will learn through experience about the recovery community in Richmond (and online), and participate actively in the recovery meeting/program that fits you best. You will work with a member of staff to write an individualized recovery plan outlining your specific recovery needs, triggers, and supports. If you have co-occurring issues, we will listen to your experiences, support your holistic healing, and encourage you to find appropriate support. If you find yourself in need of professional support (i.e. therapist, psychiatrist, dietician), we can provide you with a list of LGBTQIA+ affirming resources in the area. When you need rides to and from appointments, job interviews, etc., we will encourage you to reach out to your recovery community. We hope to have a community car and bus passes available soon so everyone in the house can access transportation when they need it.




The structure of a recovery house helps us adjust to living a “normal” life in recovery, which includes working cooperatively with others, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a safe and clean home environment. Residents--including house managers--are expected to adhere to the standards set by the community for cleanliness, respect, recovery, and community engagement. New residents will go through a 30-day probationary period, after which they will be given privileges like overnight passes and a later curfew. This is done to protect your recovery and avoid many major triggers in the weeks after you move into Peter’s Place. Residents will work together to keep the house clean by completing daily and weekly chores as assigned. You will be expected to attend a house meeting one night a week, where residents will gather to discuss the events and issues of the week as well as support one another’s progress in recovery.