Who & what are behind the name?

This name is dear to Shauntelle's heart. Peter was a friend she met while trying to face her own demons. Peter was a latinx gay male who, like many of us, struggled with a substance use disorder. Shauntelle met Peter at one of the lowest points in both of their lives. They were both trying to kick this disease that had it's grips on them for far too long. Through multiple attempts and a lot of mistakes, Shauntelle was able to kick that addiction and Peter, unfortunately, was not.


Peter lost the battle in 2016 to a fatal overdose. He was more than his disease. He was a friend, son, brother, and a shining light in Shauntelle's life. She often wonders if things would have turned out differently if there was LGBTQIA+ focused support. If we had the resources and safe housing for this community, would more LGBTQIA+ individuals find a pathway to recovery that works for them?