Safe, inclusive recovery housing is a long overdue resource in Richmond and all over the country. In some recovery houses, LGBTQIA+ people—especially trans people—have been forced to act “less queer,” present as their assigned gender at birth, or live in isolation from their housemates. Queer people in traditional recovery houses can experience harmful acts of homophobia and transphobia, creating an unsafe home environment and impeding recovery. We have seen LGBTQIA+ people left homeless, distraught, and chronically relapsing because they could not access recovery housing where their identities would be valued. This has to end now.


The benefits of living in an LGBTQIA+ recovery house include a sense of community, safety, and empathy that isn’t present in a recovery house with predominantly straight and cisgender residents. LGBTQIA+ people in recovery can relate to each other on many levels, and Peter’s Place RVA hopes to foster an atmosphere where all LGBTQIA+ folks seeking recovery can find hope, support, acceptance, and liberation.