Peters Place RVA centers LGBTQ+ individuals who intersect with the most marginalized identities. Many folx in our community have dealt with challenges and trauma at the hands of binary gender norms. Binary gender means that a person identifies as either male (a man) or female (a woman). Trans gender identities differ from the normalized binary in that trans identities do not align with the gender that they were assigned at birth. Folx who identify as trans and/or non-binary are at the center of our model of care. In order to provide our community with the support they need, we would like to share some information and resources about gender affirming care, or care such as medical assistance that support individuals through their transition into their true gender identity. Gendering affirming services often include hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but may also include help with updating legal name and gender markers, gender affirming surgery, transgender/gender nonconforming support groups, and gender affirming therapy.

Please visit the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood website for the Commonwealth’s most comprehensive introduction to trans health care services, navigating healthcare and other resources.